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Sumedha Pramod


View API Software Engineering Intern
Summer 2014 | Los Altos, CA

Refactored View API, which currently only supports PDF, Word, and PowerPoint files, to support various new document types using python and Django, and JavaScript. Added support for text files, code files with syntax highlighting and basic markdown processing

LinkedIn Hackathon
July 2014 | 3rd Place Winning Webapp

Built a web application, SkillFill, using node.js, that analyzes a user’s skills in tangent with the current job market to provide the most valuable and profitable skills for the user to learn, which is then used to suggest online courses to gain those skills.

Workday, Inc.
Associate Developer Generation Workday Beta Data Science Intern
Summer 2013 | Pleasanton, CA

Designed and built a Ruby on Rails application that visualizes statistical data and job allocation. Simulated the production environment for running integration jobs including mimicking tenant allocation using data from the stats warehouse.

Navistar, Multidisciplinary Design Program
Industry Sponsored Project Android Developer
2013 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Developed an Android application using the Google Maps API’s that uses GPS input to optimize fuel efficiency and fuel economy and/or minimize de-rate mode in large diesel powertrains.

MBA Social Venture Fund, Ross School of Business
Website Developer
October 2012 – September 2013 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Developed and maintained components for the website


Student Society for Stem Cell Research,
2010-2014 | University of Michigan Chapter

Hosted the first annual Michigan Stem Cell Summit in January 2013 bringing researchers from all over together for discussions on the progress of stem cell research, while providing students at the university the opportunity to interact and network with top researchers and advocates. Founded the umStem Research Program which gives students the resources and connections needed to successfully gain research positions within 13 associated labs

That Brown Show Committee, Michigan Sahānā Classical Music
Treasury Chair
2012 - 2014 | University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Secured full funding for the show and all expenses involved with receipt reimbursement

  • Intelligent Interactive Systems Independent Study
  • Database Management
  • Computer Game Design
  • Introduction to Computer Security
  • Mobile Development & Entrepreneurship
  • Intelligent Interactive System
  • Introduction to Java
  • Linear Algebra